Miko Mikulicz Discography

Below you will find a small selection of releases I appear on. These include my solo piano works and the albums I have recorded with my own projects, but my violin is also heard on various releases I have contributed to as a studio-violinist.



Miko  – Between The Magic Mountains


Miko – Bittersweet Spheres (Piano only!)


With Panama Red

Deep Down In The Canyon


Journey To The G-Spot


Space Hay


With other projects

Klangstrahler Project – Im Rausch der Sinne


Velvet Green – Intonational


Ma Faiza & Veet Dandeh – Liquid Dreams


Rangin – Jingle Jungle

Rangin – Toma Guarana


Omid – Smooth Oriental


Noetics – Delayed Back


Gentleman – Diversity


On Compilations

Lovefield V/A – No Dream But Life


Andre Heller – Ruf und Echo